Monday, October 10, 2011

the gem of our neighborhood

Evelyn thinks the world of our neighbor Ed.

If ever I can't find Evelyn in the house or yard (she is a world renowned escape artist), I know I need to look down the street with the kids in the culdesac, or across the street at Ed's house.

When Ed comes across the street to visit or say hello, and Evelyn is anywhere in close proximity, we know that Evelyn will want to be involved in the bulk of the conversation....because Ed is very exciting to talk to.

And Ed makes Evelyn feel very important.

Recently, I found Evelyn sneaking back into the house through our kitchen sliding door, carrying the Arctic Circle coupon flier that we had gotten in the mail that afternoon.  I asked her where she had been and she, without hesitation replied, "I wanted to show Ed the Square Pumpkins.  I think he needs one for dinner."

A couple of weeks ago, just before bed time, she wanted to show Ed her bubbles:

He's a wonderful, wonderful man.

One of those people that just restores a person's faith in the inherent goodness of mankind.


Donette said...

Oh Natalie, I miss Ed! He is a great neighbor. And Evelyn is so darn cute! "I think he needs a square pumpkin for dinner." I love that!!!

Take Care

'T' said...

I'm pretty sure my heart just melted.

LGH said...

Natalie, have you written about Ed before? The pictures and this post are priceless. He sounds wonderful.

Linds said...

What a sweat Evi for wanting to share with him. What a great neighbor that I still need to meet.