Friday, May 29, 2009

the queen has landed

This may look like just a picture of a tree right outside my kitchen window, but at closer glance...

Yep. Bees.

Lots of them.

This afternoon, I was in my kitchen, doing dishes, when I noticed lots of bees flying in front of me, right outside the window.

I went over to the glass sliding doors to get a better look, and when I looked out, I gasped outloud, and yelled, "Porter, come here! Quick!"

Bees were everywhere. Hundreds and hundreds of them - flying and swarming like they were not quite sure where to go. But the funny thing about it was, there was not one single bee in either of my neighbors back yards and the bees were not in the front yard. I have never seen anything like it in my life.

I made sure my kids were safe inside the house and that the doors and windows were secure, and then I got on the phone and made some phone calls and began googling on the internet.

I found out that this time of year is when hives have to split because there are too many bees in a hive. So, bees will fill themselves with honey, say goodbye to their old home and start looking for a new home.

It just happened, this time, to be in my backyard, where the lilacs and other varieties are in full bloom.

I was told to watch them, and see if I could tell where they were landing...because that's where the queen would be...

Well, the queen landed. In our tree. And so have all her admirers.

Tonight, they have settled and I was brave enough to actually go out on the deck, a couple feet away from them, and watch them. (Whereas, earlier, I was taking all these pictures with my telephoto lens from inside my dining room).

They are beautiful, amazing creatures.

In all of my researching today, I actually found out that to be able to witness this is quite a rare occurrence.

I think I will go fix a peanut butter and honey sandwich in honor of my bee friends.

I'm just wondering what it is I'm supposed to do if they're still there in the morning.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

picnic in the park

Bill has been a busy man at work lately, so since he couldn't come and see us, we packed a picnic lunch and decided to meet him on his lunch break at the park. 

The menu consisted of:

-hotdog sandwiches (I didn't have any buns)
-salt and vinegar pringles

-carrot sticks

-chocolate covered strawberries

-crystal light

Porter shoveled in his food as quickly as he could because there was a large family of geese across the park that he wanted to make sure Evelyn was able to see.

We followed them for several yards before we started creeping them out:

We then proceeded on to the disc golf course, a family favorite pastime. I pushed Evelyn in the stroller and followed the disc golf professionals as I documented their skills on camera:

(Bill took over the camera for a second)

"Mom, will you take a picture of me chugging my drink like Napoleon?"

Saturday, May 16, 2009


On the way home from school, Porter let me in on a little secret...and I must say, it made me feel really good inside because it seems the older he gets, the more private he becomes.

He told me that he had found a note in his desk.  From a secret admirer.  AND it had girly handwriting.

He asked why anyone would want to do a thing like that, and I told him because he just happens to be a very likeable, sweet, handsome young man...and then he smiled and blushed.

I asked him if he knew who it was from and he said, no.

I then asked him if he had brought it home with him and if I could check it out.

He replied, "Nope.  I ripped it into little pieces and then put it into the recycle bin."

Yes.  I laughed outloud.

Hey, at least I have a likeable, sweet, handsome, environmentally conscious son.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

DON'T PICK....!!!!!!

......the tulips :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Oh boy! I LOVE glasses! I've always wanted to wear glasses!

And they are cherry red- even better. Sally Jesse Raphael, watch out!!

Give me a second...I've got to get the placement just right.

Perfect! I am such a babe.