Sunday, May 17, 2009

picnic in the park

Bill has been a busy man at work lately, so since he couldn't come and see us, we packed a picnic lunch and decided to meet him on his lunch break at the park. 

The menu consisted of:

-hotdog sandwiches (I didn't have any buns)
-salt and vinegar pringles

-carrot sticks

-chocolate covered strawberries

-crystal light

Porter shoveled in his food as quickly as he could because there was a large family of geese across the park that he wanted to make sure Evelyn was able to see.

We followed them for several yards before we started creeping them out:

We then proceeded on to the disc golf course, a family favorite pastime. I pushed Evelyn in the stroller and followed the disc golf professionals as I documented their skills on camera:

(Bill took over the camera for a second)

"Mom, will you take a picture of me chugging my drink like Napoleon?"


'T' said...

aw, love a good picnic. a guy in our ward just moved in that looks like bill, he spoke today and all through sacrament meeting i was like: 'Bill', he looks like Bill! darrec will be wanting to disc golf with your man soon.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

I can't believe that family of geese! There were so many babies! Love the picture of you Nab, you look so pretty, and I love the sun rays too. Porter is seriously like a mini Bracken, him chugging his juice made me laugh out loud:)Glad you got to see Bill, even if it was only for a bit.

Gillaire said...

hey that was wayyy cool!

I saw your husband on the 9th at the ISU graduation...but he didn't see me. My baby sister FINALLY got her degree!! She got her bachelors in secondary education.
He looked like he was really busy so I didn't get to say hi. I'm moving to Salt Lake. Hopefully this will be a positive experience! Keep in touch. I keep up a blog myself, so if you wanna look into what I'm doing this is where to look
I sure do miss you guys! Tell everyone and Bishop Bickley hello for me ( I think he's still there) lol

jen said...

Disc golf? Awesome. I've been trying to get my kids into that. So far, no luck. I think it seems like an awesome game.

Lindsay said...

WHolly family of geese! More like RABBITS! wow! I wish I could've been there. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Bill gave me the link to your blog - I love it!! I can feel myself getting smarter and wiser with each entry I read. You are a fantastic mother - you have set a wonderful example for me wihtout even being aware of your influence. Porter is such a handsome young man and your sweet babe - though older than I expected - is precious. If we are ever blessed with a girl I had always wanted to name her Evelyn. I am sorry to hear about Bill's mom, she was truly an amazing woman. I really love you guys and am so sorry that I hardly ever get to see you. Amanda Sue