Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Everyone needs a neighbor like Uncle Ed.


Because they just do.

Ed, with his small frame, sweet smile, and big bushy beard, has been a source of joy to our family:

~He's lended many a tool and encouraging word.

~We love to see him driving his small gray truck (which proudly displays our country's flag). We can always count on a friendly wave.

~Ed makes me feel like a world-class chef.

~He is a kind, wise man with a mountain of knowledge and experience.

~He can easily put a smile on Porter's face and is helping Porter's coin collection to grow.

~Ed has introduced me to the world of pregnant onions -- although, because of a number of circumstances, I have yet to keep one alive. :)

~Ed is not a Mormon, but shows a great amount of admiration and interest in our family's religion. He knows more about our church's history than many members do and he even collects books and other artifacts from our church history.

~Plus, I'll never forget the day he came over, soon after we had moved in, and showed us one of his prized possessions; the world's tackiest souvenir:

An old rhinestone encrusted "church key" (a.k.a. beer bottle opener) with a picture of the Salt Lake temple on it.

Ed, you rock.

In a world where so many of us drive our cars into our garages (which automatically open and close), forever to be shut in by our televisions, computers, phone calls and air conditioning, Ed helps our neighborhood feel like the good ol' days where everyone had a front porch and took a genuine interest in their neighbors.

Ed, you are truly the gem in our neighborhood.

P.S. I didn't initially have a photo of Uncle Ed, so I told Porter I would give him 4 pieces of licorice if he would run across the street and snap a photo. I wasn't sure how Ed would respond because I know many people who are extremely camera shy. But Ed was a willing participant. (Thanks Ed.) And I must say, I think it is a rather flattering picture. (Good job Porter!) Plus, now I have a picture of Ed in my photo archives. And that makes me very happy.


Anonymous said...

I can add merit to Natalie's words. Even when I cooked the pork chops into a hardened clay-like state, he still said they were delicious. He is a good man and we miss living in that neighborhood!!
Love your blog, Nat!


The Teeples Times said...

What a great, great photo! I honestly love it and think it could win awards - WOW Porter!! I can't believe he did that for only 4 pieces of licorice!

Reading that really made me think - and yes, you are right, we do hurry into our homes and live in our own little worlds. We need people like Ed to make the world a better place.

Cally Carlson said...

I had a neighbor like that when I was a kid. His name is Mr. Rich and he still has lots of opinions and memories to share every time I see him. We love him.
It's good to keep up with you. The 19th ward misses you. John and I are gasping for breath at the beginning of our "3 year sprint." We'll acclimate. I hope. :)

LGH said...

Natalie, what a great tribute to a unique neighbor; he sounds awesome. I hope you share this blog post with him. Also, I love the way your write.

'T' said...

What a sweet post. Is this your neighbor across the street? Porter, what a wonderful photo you took.

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

5 POINT for Porter!
10 POINTS for ED!
20 POINT for the beer bottle opener!

Xazmin said...

How neat to have a neighbor like that. Our garage isn't clean enough to park we get lots of interaction with the neighbors!!!

I love your blog, and can't wait to explore it more!

Nicole Williams said...

Sounds like you are lucky to have such a great neighbor

The Lane Family said...

I love this post. It is so sweet and just neat. I love neighbors and I love getting to know them. So of our neatest friends have been our neighbors.

By the way I love your blog and the the style you use to blog it is great!!

Wendi :)

Shelby said...

What a great post Nat. It is people like that who make us want to be better people. Thanks for sharing a little piece of him with me.