Tuesday, August 11, 2009

nice socks

We're still in demolition mode at the house, but we made it home from our family vacation and just finished unpacking and putting the trailer away this afternoon. The wood floors should begin to be put in tomorrow afternoon. ( I can't wait to get out of this mess so that life can return to normal and I can fix my family a nice, healthy meal!)

We visited Yellowstone National Park twice last week in our travels. Our family LOVES to explore Yellowstone- - but we like to avoid the tourist traps (like Old Faithful) and take the road less traveled. There is SO much to see, it is incredible. I think Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring places on the earth, and I can't wait to post pictures in a few days when my life settles just a little bit. We had a fantastic time. It was much needed.

When visiting Yellowstone though, I've got one thing to say:

Always keep your camera handy.

You never know what kind of socks you're gonna run into on the boardwalks.


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jen said...

You might enjoy this National Geographic article about Jellystone:


LGH said...

WOW, love those socks! I need a pair of those.

The Lane Family said...

That looks like something I would put on when I was half asleep after a long night!!! So funny!!