Friday, September 30, 2011

The 50 cent smile

Porter received his marching band uniform today.

And just in time, because every middle school and high school band in our city have been practicing all week for tonight's half-time performance of the Marching Extravaganza.  (It was awwwwwwesome!)

 I thought he looked exceedingly handsome and so I asked him to follow me out onto the deck so I could take his picture.

Porter, who very much likes to tease his mom, was trying to act all serious on me, so I asked him to show me a great big toothy grin.

And this is what ensued:

After many attempts to just get a normal smile out of him, I called in a the special forces, a.k.a. Evelyn with her knock-knock jokes:

And this is what I got with a 50 cent bribe:

"Mommy, Max and I will smile for 50 cents too!"


Linds said...

Well If that doesn't just make a mom proud. I just love men in a uniform! Handsome devil. Can I come smile for 50 cents?

'T' said...

Looking fabulous in uniform Porter. Porter's laugh has always been one of my favorites, I could almost hear it in the 'knock knock' shot. Happy marching.

The Teeples Times said...

so gald to see you're back!! I've missed your updates and wondered about your baby. What a handsome young man Porter is and Evelyn and Margaret are so beautiful!!! LOve, love your kitchen. I can't wait to hear what else you've been up to.