Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the HAPPY kitchen.

My kitchen is the room in my home where I love to be.  It's the room where my kids look for me first if they aren't sure where I am.

 I LOVE that.  Because I was the very same way.

I knew that I could find my mom in the kitchen.  It's where she paid the bills with my dad and helped us with our homework.  It's where we snapped beans and shelled the peas from our garden.  It's where many a memorable family conversation took place standing by the kitchen sink or sitting around the table.  Often times the counter tops were covered in rows of hot cookies, waiting for a household of 9 hungry mouths to devour them.  It's where I remember my mom shaking a heavy pot over the stove, making popcorn the old-fashioned way for a family home evening treat.  I also remember thinking how efficient my mom was to have two or three of us on the kitchen floor with hot, soapy rags, mopping away - each of us with a butter knife in hand to scrape up any stubborn, dried food that wouldn't come up with our wet rag.  (Yes, even that is a happy memory.)  When I go to my childhood home, it's still the room where I find my mom.   The room that I want to be in.

When we moved into our home 6 years ago, this is what my kitchen looked like:

 It was a clean kitchen; decent size.  But the green wasn't my favorite, and something I knew I would eventually change.  I spent months thinking about what color I would change it too.  And one word kept coming to mind:


I wanted a happy kitchen.

 And yellow makes me happy:

  The mug holder makes me very happy.

And here's a close-up of three of the many things that make OUR family happy:

What's not to love about homemade pie, rootbeer (in a frosted mug of course), and popcorn (still made the old-fashioned way)?......Yes, not the healthiest arrangement of signs - I know.  But all things in moderation, right?       

It's a happy kitchen.


Ms. Fish said...

Someday Evelyn and Margaret will be blogging about their happy memories of growing up in the sunshine full of homemade pies, root beer and love!

Kimberly Ann Petersen said...

Natalie, you are pretty much my hero. I love your kitchen. Incidentally, that yellow is the same color I want to paint my family room, so I may have to come pick your brain on paint colors!

So happy you are blogging again!

'T' said...

suddenly i want to come to your house, see you, and, um... EAT!

Linds said...

You older kids are right, us younger kids WERE spoiled...scrubbing the kitchen gives no recollection. But always finding mom in the kitchen is a favorite. (Kind of my theme for her birthday present this weekend). And homemade pies and rootbeer and popcorn are snack household items here too. I love your kitchen mucho.

Bill said...

How about some pie. If you make the pie, I'll make the popcorn and bring the root beer.

LGH said...

Natalie, it's so great to have you back blogging. And I loved this post with accompanying pictures. You are just a bright,sunny person just like your cheery kitchen.

Dana Williams said...

So glad to see the kitchen update.