Thursday, September 22, 2011

a breather

I put my blog on hold for nearly a year and a half with the hopes of trying to be able to grab hold of the reins of life for a while.

Did it work?  Naaaaaahhhh.

But I do know that in this time, a lot has transpired.

For instance, I have a teenager now:

 And he's 6" taller.  And very entertaining.

Oh, and I had a baby:

But she's not a lil' peanut anymore:

She's almost one!

And my Evelyn....oh my Evelyn. Where do I start?

 Lets just say that she's not just adding gray hairs on her momma's head :)


Linds said...

I finally feel like I'm not missing out TOO much when living far away :) Thanks for blogging.

'T' said...

Your blog has always been one of my favs. It's like having a new Harry Potter book come out having you back (smile).

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Oh Nat! OH JOY!!!! Your back, and I get to partake of your blog again!!!!

Dana Williams said...

love seeing you all again!