Saturday, February 28, 2009

Break out the power tools

Bill is a good, good man. On top of his crazy-business, he is tackling some exciting home improvement projects (with the help of my dad and some other amazing people.)

These are a few of the things on his list:

-Installing some much needed food storage shelves (he's gluing and drilling right as I type!) of this week we will have our year's supply. It feels soooo good.

-New wood stair banisters and hand rails in our entry way. (the man we are hiring will be able to do it in the next couple of weeks)

-New flooring in the upstairs (hopefully over spring break)

-An archway entry to our dining room (hopefully over spring break)

My dad has also built us a beautiful shelf to go beneath our t.v. and will be constructing built-in book cases for two walls downstairs. Thanks Dad for all of your help. I love you so much!

*Oh, and as a side note...Bill also pre ordered the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice on Blu-Ray (Because watching Colin Firth {in his High-Definition glory} play Mr. Darcy, comes in second only to watching my husband slather on the Liquid Nails and use his power tools!) It will ship out on April 20th. I think a 6 hour movie marathon will be in the works as soon as it arrives.


LGH said...

Natalie, wow, sounds like you are going project crazy! How fun. I so love your loyalty to your husband and dad...very beautiful.

And, now, about Pride and Prejudice...I absolutely LOVE that movie with Colin Firth...he portrays a very arrogant, prideful Mr. Darcy. He is definitely the man you love to hate at first. You deserve a movie enjoy!

'T' said...

Nat, Darrec I and were just talking about how we haven't seen your 'angel wall' or your new T.V. Can we invite ourselves over? I'll come for P and P... I haven't watched that for too long. It's my fav.

Kristina said...

My girls love Pride and Predudice! Infact, they just watched it this weekend!
Yay for you getting your 1 year supply. That is wonderful!

Booford said...

I'm jealous that I didn't get it to see you at my parent's store. I hope all is well and the ward is doing fine! I miss you guys!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

I want to come see your house! And, you married such a well rounded guy! Good work!!!