Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For the last three weeks, at dinner time, Porter has literally been shoveling the food in his mouth as quickly as he can, taking his plate to the sink, and with a mouthful of food, saying, "Thanks for dinner mom...I've gotta go, it's ready to start!!" while running down the stairs to turn on the television.
Through most of this, I had just assumed that he didn't want to miss his favorite PBS show, Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman.

Little did I know.

On one particular night last week, Porter rushed through his dinner as usual, ran downstairs, and after about 30 seconds we heard him scream:
Bill and I were very startled by this outburst and so we yelled back down asking him what was wrong.
To which he replied: "Mom! Dad! The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 300 points today! I'm LOOOOOOSING money!!"
Bill and I just looked at each other and started laughing.
Yep. He had been rushing through his dinner so that he wouldn't miss this:

What a kid!
In his weekly GATE class, Porter has been learning about investments. Each kid in the class was given $50,000 imaginary dollars and required to research the markets and choose what they wanted to invest their money in. Porter has had an absolute blast with this and has taken it very seriously. He even came home on Thursday and said he was up 17 grand.
He's home sick this morning and I can't bear to tell him what the markets have been doing today :(
I think I'll let Paul and Susie break it to him tonight on the Nightly Business Report.


Dana Williams said...

That is too cute! What a bright boy you have.

'T' said...

Fun, for a second there I thought he'd really invested some $ :) Hope he's over his crud soon. It's gone through all of us...

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

I can't believe that! He is on his way to becoming some great accountant or business person. I love that kid. BTW, Shawn knows that Simon kid really well! He said "I can't believe he isn't married yet" Anyways, I guess his family is really musical, his dad taught with Shawn's dad at the high school (he was a music teacher). Tell him hi for Shawn:)

Nicole Williams said...

Cute! He is so smart. I don't even really know that much about that kind of stuff.

Katie M. said...

Awesome Porter. Let me know how it all turns out and maybe I will turn our Roth IRA over to him to manage. It can't get much worse than it is right now. What a fun time he is having in GATE!

Lindsay said...

Porter is my favorite oldest nephew! He's such a unique kid! I love all his interests. He's so intelligent!
Miss you guys!