Thursday, February 09, 2012

Oreos and Easy Cheese

Last summer Porter was introduced to a culinary concoction at a Scout Camp......that, well, only a 13 year old boy could love.

Oreos and Easy Cheese.

Eaten together.

Yes, a nice mound of orange fake squeeze-cheese-in-a-can, squirted onto an oreo cookie and shoved into one's mouth.....(feelin' a little sick just typing that last sentence)

Anyway, after this deliciously wholesome snacking experience at Scout Camp, Porter came home and begged and begged me all last summer and fall: "Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse buy some Oreo cookies and Easy Cheese, Mom, please, please, please!", "It's sooooo good, you HAVE to try it", "I'll even buy them with my own money......"

Well, I positively refused.  (I never buy Oreos OR Easy Cheese)

And we heard nothing more of it for a few months.

 Last week, I walked into WinCo,  and right in the entrance, sat Oreo Cookies and Easy Cheese - displayed right next to each other.

Call it a sign from heaven above, (I couldn't help but smile) - but right then and there I grabbed a package of cream-filled cookies and a can of Easy Cheese (sharp cheddar) and stuck them in my empty cart.  I'm not quite sure what came over me..... you could probably call it a soft spot for a super great kid:)

I came home, unloaded the groceries, then asked for Bill to follow me down the hall, where I showed him my spontaneous purchase.  He agreed that it would make our son over-joyed, and we decided to hide them away in my closet, to be pulled out on a future date when he needed a boost in spirits.

Well, last night they made an appearance.  And it was pretty grand.

Bill and I timed it perfectly.  The girls had been asleep for a while.  It was getting to be Porter's bedtime. Bill and I were back in our bedroom,  and we knew that Porter would be coming back to ask us a question at any moment.

When Porter came into our room,  both of us sat upon our bed, with Oreos stuffed in our mouth, I holding another cookie with a mountain of cheese and Bill in the process of squirting cheese on the Oreo that he held in his guilty hand.  (Of course, the oreos in our mouth were cheeseless - we just wanted the effect of two crazy parents going to town, gorging themselves on this disgusting concoction to the shock and dismay of their teenage son.)

The reaction we got was not what we expected. (We thought he would be mad at us for not inviting him to partake.)  But rather, he came to the entrance of our door, began to ask his question, then stopped and stood there with huge eyes for a second before running and jumping onto the foot of our bed, excitedly grabbing the goods from us and exclaiming with glee, "It's AWESOME, isn't it???!!!!!" 

I think our coolness factor as parents just went up a half a notch in our son's eyes.


'T' said...

:) love you Porter! BTW, Porter, I have a voice student named Ty who likes to eat 'Twinkie Dogs', kinda the same thing... only you take a Twinkie, slice it like a hot dog bun, put in a warm hot dog, then cover it with Easy Cheese. He says it's heavenly. Uncle Darrec would totally think so too. I could see Darrec chowin' on the oreos and Easy-Cheese, and Twinkie Dogs in the same meal.

LGH said...

Dear dear Natalie, tonight we are hosting two BYU girls from the folk dance team....we are not to feed them dinner, but give them a snack after the performance. So, after reading your blog post, I decided to encourage them into trying this tempting tasty tidbit. So, I have the ingredients all ready and will try it to tonight....I'll keep you posted.....but, thanks for a truly unique idea. And, BTW, I love how you presented the food to your son. You and Bill are GREAT parents.

MegJill said...

Love it, especially the part about him "catching" you two in the bedroom shoving it all in your mouths. :)

Nate and Kayla said...

So cute. Love it. But Oreos with cheese?! Sick. Gotta love Porter though.

Nate and Kayla said...

So cute. Love it. But Oreos with cheese?! Sick. Gotta love Porter though.

Linds said...

Gross! happy vday.

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Pam Funke said...

What a great story. Thanks for sharing a small tidbit into your life. Although I don't think that I'll be trying cheese on my oreos. (lol)


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