Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Porter received his Eagle Scout Rank, on Sunday January 29.  He had about 50 family and friends in attendance to show their support.  It just so happened that his father got to present him his Eagle because Bill is the Scout Committee Chairman.  Bill also presented Porter the Eagle neckerchief and slide that his mother had given him when Bill became an eagle.

It was extra special to see so many uncles, a father, a cousin, and several mentors sitting in the Eagles Nest with him.  Pres. Kirk Kirkham, who spoke on Porter's request, gave some especially neat thoughts and advice.

The night was a sweet experience all around.  One of those moments that remind us as parents that raising kids is SO worth it.


'T' said...

so proud of him. glad we were there. it sounds like there are plans for a movie making day on saturday. i know porter is in the movie. did you get wind of this? we'll talk details soon.

MegJill said...

Way to go, Porter! And way to go, Mom and Dad! That is quite the accomplishment, especially with Porter being so young still!