Wednesday, January 07, 2009

tea for two

I've been collecting costume jewelry for a while now. I have been putting it into a plastic pencil box and keeping it in a drawer of my vanity in hopes that someday I would have a little girl.

When Evelyn was born, I knew that there would be many dress-up tea parties in our future!

I have saved some pieces from my good ol' high school dance days.

My grandmother gave me some of her jewelry last spring when I helped her go through her things.

And just this past weekend, my husband received some jewelry when he and his siblings went through their mothers things.

He knew he had to have this piece to put in the plastic pencil box:

And would you believe it? Evelyn knew just what to do when we let her hold it. She immediately put it on her finger:

Just as Porter knew instinctively what to do with a ball or a truck, Evelyn knows exactly what to do with jewelry. It was so fun to watch! We just set her on the floor right next to the box of jewelry, and watched this unfold:

~the ring box opens and closes~

~this is serious business~

~bracelet on~

~necklace over the head~

(Porter helped with the placement of the rhinestones on her head)

Oh! It's so much fun being a girl!


Katie M. said...

I just love that girl. Abby and Evelyn need to get together for a dress up tea party. Watch out or abby will do some costume make-up on Evie too.

Tiniel said...

she is such a little girl, and so precious. eli probably would have tried to drive the ring like a car (tee hee) they really do come wired as boys or girls. kiss evie for me, and I LOVE THE JEWELRY!

jen said...

I tried to respond to you on my blog, but it won't let me post on my own blog. Weird. answer to your question about the blog book:

I transferred my blog into Typepad, which is a really nice blogging site that costs money. I signed up for a 14-day free trial. Then I slurped the blog into I am currently in the process of formatting it and getting it ready for publication. Once I get it complete, I will do a posting on how I transferred my blog over to Typepad. Or you can just Google it.

Another option: The folks at Blurb told me that they are working on software to support Blogger and it should be available early 09. That will be awesome!

Hope that helps. Thanks for asking! And thanks for visiting!

STOwens said...

What a cutie Natalie.....and it looks as though she will have some great fun playing dress up....I wanna see the pictures of you dressing up with her though....hahaha

Nicole Williams said...

Too Cute! It's scary sometimes to see just how girly they can be!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

What would it be like to have a little girl.......its true what the poem says, sugar and spice and everything nice:)

Amy Lou said...

What a cutie!

The Teeples Times said...

I love it! It really looks like you are going to have so much fun with her. It makes me wish I had a girl. It's amazing how girls just know these things. So, so cute!

Shelby said...

Nat, she should do baby modeling, i am not kidding, she is so sweet, and what fun fun pictures. Girls are too fun!!