Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bread Boycott

I havn't bought any bread for 2 weeks now. Not one single loaf.

Bill and I got an electric grain mill for Christmas this year so that I can really start using the hundreds of pounds of hard red wheat in our food storage.

We've made cracked wheat on occasion for breakfast (which we really love), but other than that, our wheat has just sat.

I didn't want it to sit any longer.

I have been bound and determined to learn to make a good whole wheat loaf of bread. Believe me, I have tried before- each time a disastrous effort-- dense, heavy, loaves.

BUT, with the help of my mom (the ultimate bread baker) and her neighbor, we have succeeded!

I can now make whole wheat bread that tastes good. Really, really good. And it uses sugar instead of honey, so I can save all my honey to make the really important stuff like
honey butter for the bread or to put on cracked wheat- Bonus!

It is a wonderful recipe. Very light and soft and slices beautifully. Oh yea, and makes great toast (just for you Linds :) ) And the really great part? Porter and Evelyn eat it as fast as I can slice it.

So far we have eaten it with corn chowder, to make eggs-in-hole, and to toast for breakfast. Oh, and I can't forget the 2" thick hot slices with honey butter that Bill and Porter have eaten in honor of Bill's dad. (Bill's dad used to take each kid on their own special day during spud harvest to Ricks College for lunch. For dessert his dad would always order a thick slice of bread with honey butter...Bill always wanted ice cream...but he eventually learned to appreciate his dad's idea of dessert).

I'm sure our bread-consumption will slow down a bit when the novelty wears off, but for now, it just feels really good to be able to make your own bread to use and freeze, and I must say, I am really quite proud of myself. It has been a real accomplishment!

*I'd be happy to share the recipe. Just email me at chacofeet@gmail.com


Katie M. said...

Yummy! Delicious! I think you need to let me know when the next batch is out of the over and I will be right over!

Nat said...


Tiniel said...

Nat - Seriously, I can almost taste it! Do you make it by hand? I can't remember if you are a bosch girl or not? (did I spell bosch correct?) You go girl!

Nat said...


Nicole Williams said...

That is Awesome! Sounds so good. I love bread, especially good, homemade bread. I will have to get your recipe.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

I am drooling right now!!!!I want some!!!! And I want the recipe....probably won't be as good without the freshly ground wheat:( but I still want the recipe!

jen said...

way to go!

STOwens said...

Oh Nat home made bread is the best!!! I wish I was any kind of good in the kitchen!! I have never made bread before.....I need to do something about that. I am so jealous of you!!!

Shelby said...

I am so jeolous Nat, that sounds amazing!! Seriously do you realize how talented you are? You are let me just tell you.

I miss my boys, I hope they are being good.