Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stake Primary Nativity

The Nativity for the International Holiday Celebration this past weekend went off without a hitch! Phew! I was able to calm down (thanks to an amazing counselor), feel prepared, and just enjoy the entire evening.

It was a fantastic night. The kids were
first on the program (Thank you Sis. Bench!!), so they were able to perform, take their costumes off and sit and watch everyone else perform.

I got so many comments on how darn cute the kids were.

Take a look:

~Brynlee the Star~
(Porter helped me make the star)

~Porter played a Wiseman, Cam played Joseph~

~Hayden the Shepherd, Preston as baby Jesus, Parker the little lamb -not in full costume yet~
(Can you tell they are all brothers?)

~Kean the cow~

~The kids love being up at the University Stake because in the Stake President's office, there is a candy drawer chuck full of candy for the kids. Kean had just SCORED some goods- - That is one happy candy-eating cow!~

~The whole crew~
Man, I LOVE these kids!!

What a way to begin the Christmas season!

** Plus, I know that Porter now has a costume for Christmas Eve when we do the Nativity with my family...
that's always a good thing.

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Tiniel said...

melt my heart... these kids look amazing nat. good job! the costumes really are sharp. realy babies always make a nativity. xo