Saturday, December 13, 2008

Evelyn is ONE!!


I honestly can't believe it's been a year!

Here are some highlights (and there have been many!) from this past year:

Grandpa and his two miracle grand babies, Elijah and Evelyn

First photo shoot with Aunt Lindsay; bow, bracelet, and diaper...what more could a girl want??

Heirloom blessing gown that I made (with huge help from my wonderful mother). Evelyn was SO drowned her!

Wearing dress at 7 1/2 finally fits! Check out the handmade lace at the bottom, made by her Aunt Cathy

Porter learned to hold babies like this from his Grandpa :)

Posing for the camera, about 6 months

Personal concert with her Uncle Bracken (now Elder Williams). She was absolutely enthralled!

Learning to sit up in the front yard...leaning...leaning....can you tell that she face planted right after the picture?

Reading the scriptures with Porter before church

Evelyn and Grandma Deloris with matching pink capri pants

Napoleon Dynamite fans will appreciate this pose!

Wearing the red gingham dress from my mom

Introduced to her first nectarine...I ate these every single day for WEEKS while I was pregnant with her!

Like mother, like daughter

Sunbathing with dad at Bartz Field watching people go down the HUGE slip n' slide

Playing in the leaves just before the first snow fall

Her new winter pretty in pink

Happy Birthday little one! You have made this past year just a little bit sweeter.


Tiniel said...

I think every picture made me tear. Precious all of them! Happy 1st Evelyn Ruth. (Nat the one of her and her grandma Stanton was priceless)-

Kristina said...

She is beautiful! I love her blessing dress. It is amazing! Your pictures are so cute!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Happy Birthday Evie, I am still in denial that you are 1! I hope your mom will give you a birthday smooch from your aunt Megan!

Nicole Williams said...

Happy Birthday! What fun memories!

The Teeples Times said...

She is so beautiful - she made it worth the wait!! I absolutely adore her headbands and bows. I hope her birthday was a fun one! I am so glad your family has been blessed to finally have her!