Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DOROTHY came to our house this week!

And believe me, we have been anticipating her arrival.

The UPS man was kind enough to bring her by.

About a month ago, Porter was contemplating what to get his little sister for Christmas. We went over a couple of ideas, but nothing really stuck.

It came down to the fact that he wanted it to be
really special AND he wanted it to be something he could give her one of every year, a collection of sorts. A collection that she would be able to look at and know they were from her older brother (almost 10 years older), and a collection that she would cherish.

So we started brainstorming.

How about a really nice charm bracelet? We thought that Porter could give Evelyn a new charm for her bracelet every year. Porter was so excited!

He got online and started looking at charms. He found little charms of
cheese and goats and ice cream cones and diapers and trombones and Australia.

He was in charm heaven!

He started trying to narrow it down as to which charm he would give her this year. But that quickly ended when we found out that Aunt Cathy gives each girl in the family a charm bracelet for their baptism when they turn 8.

So that idea was out...


A couple of nights later, we were sitting in Evelyn's room rocking her and reading books. Porter was winding up the little ballerina music box to play for her. (This music box was sent to Evelyn last Christmas from her Great Aunts and Uncles in Las Vegas and has quickly became her favorite).

Porter saw how happy the music box made his little sister and said, "Mom, how about I give Evelyn a music box every Christmas"?

Wow. Perfect.

And that's EXACTLY what he's going to do!

This year he chose Her:

You wind her up and she plays "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

It is gorgeous. My husband feels that there is not a more beautiful rendition of this song as when Dorothy sings it in the Wizard Of Oz. ("Izzy" Israel Kamakawiwo'ole is a close second...) We watched her sing it a few nights ago on the movie and it really is breathtaking- - and it is amazing just how young she was when she played that part!

But our favorite part about this music box?

Toto came along too!!


Amy Lou said...

What a fun idea-Porter sounds like a great big brother! I was reading your to do list and I am simply amazed that you get it all done. Have a great Holiday season. Amy

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

She will cherish those gifts forever! What an amazing idea, good thinking Porter!

Tiniel said...

tears, what a thoughtful young man. this song (somewhere over...) has so much meaning for me; someday i'll tell you all of them. the music box is seriouly breath-taking.

Booford said...

I love that song! I love the idea too!

Nicole Williams said...

What a great idea! Porter is so thoughtful. She will cherish this forever!