Tuesday, December 09, 2008

CHEESE....of the Wensleydale variety

I was introduced to Wallace and Gromit over 13 years ago when I met my husband and his family.

And I must say, I fell in love with these clay-mated heroes immediately!

I think the reason that we love these guys so much is because we can really relate to
Wallace's LOVE of cheese.

This time of year, on my husband's side of the family, we like to get together and eat cheese.

Not just ordinary, artificially tinted orange stuff, but the good, imported, party-for-the-taste-buds, stuff.

Yea, we like to live on the wild side with our cheese.

Bill's mom, in the past, has made each of us keep a Dream List. And on Porter's list (besides getting his picture on a cereal box and climbing Mount Everest), was the wish of being able to try Wensleydale cheese.

You see, Wensleydale is Wallace's favorite cheese. And Porter really, really wanted to try Wallace's favorite cheese.

We've kept a serious look out for the past couple of years for Wensleydale cheese but have never been able to find it. Anywhere.

But that all changed recently when our town got a Costco.

Bill found
Wensleydale cheese with cranberries at Costco recently. We were SO excited!

We, of course, purchased it, brought it home, called a few of Bill's siblings to gloat a little bit (they have been on the look out as well :), and opened it and tried it. The result?

We liked it. It had to be on a cracker though. It was quite strong, but fun. Maybe a touch too sweet with the cranberries.

Porter is really anxious to try Wensleydale without the cranberries, so if any of you run across it, please, by all means, let us know!

** We did find a place where you can buy it online here, and it even has Wallace and Gromit's picture on it! Maybe one of these days we will just break down and order it.


Miss Nessa said...

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssseeee! As Andy can attest, I am a HUGE turophile (cheese lover, natch) also. I usually have 5-10+ kinds in the fridge at a time.

I have seen that Wensleydale sans cranberries here before. It was at the Reams, which has since closed :P I will have to look around and see if another store has it now, so perhaps Andy could bring it on up.

Stilton with Apricots is also lovely but strong.

Miss Nessa said...

And I say all that, forgetting I am in California until January..d'oh!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Nat, I love Porter's to do list included Wallace's favorite cheese! Too cute. I will keep my eye open! And by the way, I love the quote on the side of your blog about motherhood!

Tiniel said...

Thanks you Bill and youself we too love Wallace and Grommit. Something about those guys make me so very happy!

The Teeples Times said...

Cheeeese Gromit! We too love Wallace & Gromit! It's hillarious! I admit I've never tried or even realized it was a real type of cheese. I'll have to try it!