Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer, Part Four

I am still trying to play catch up with posting our summer activities. It really is amazing to me how busy summer really is. We were able to visit Grandparents a few times this summer. This is always a treat for our family that NEVER grows old.

What would a summer trip to Grandma's house in Rexburg be without a visit down the block to the Splash Park? Porter and his cousin Brad splashed at the splash park for much of the hot evening.

Bill took Porter and his cousin Brad to the Nature Park in Rexburg to do some fishing. Bill's mom and I came over a little bit later with Evelyn in the stroller to snap some photos of these fishermen. They had some great success, catching several perch each. This fishing trip will go down in Porter's memory bank as the fishing trip that he was able to catch fish ALL ON HIS OWN. He was on a high for several days following, telling anyone who would listen to his fish stories :)

(look closely, there's really a perch there!)

I also couldn't help but take a picture of Evelyn and Grandma with their matching pink capri pants:

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