Monday, September 22, 2008

Porter's 10th!!

Porter, our oldest turned 10 this summer.

This year was our most difficult year to decide what to get him because he has pretty much grown out of the "toy" phase. No more action figures, matchbox cars, cartoon movies, etc. So this is what we did:

It ended up being a great success, not to mention a whole lot of quality son/dad time.

We always invite family and friends to our place for the 4th of July because of the great view of the fireworks. It just works out that we celebrate Porter's birthday then also because everyone is already together. Porter requested birthday cinnamon rolls instead of cake. He was a happy, happy guy:

Porter also had a friend party for his 10th birthday. He had some of his best buddies from the ward and school over for some fun, games, and cake and icecream. We played the candybar game and "build the highest tower with marshmallows and toothpicks". The person with the highest tower after 5 minutes won a prize. The boys LOVED this game:

Anybody for some Heavy, Heavy Hangover?

Ouch! There's no mercy with 10 year old boys :)

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