Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So many numbers......

Porter and I have been giggling all night.

He had a cute little embarrassing moment this afternoon and since then, every time we think about it we just laugh.

Porter had to call the school this afternoon to ask his teacher a question about a book report that is due in the morning. His teacher was in a meeting and so he had to talk to the school secretary. This is how the conversation went:

Porter: Hi, can I please speak with Mrs. Hancock?

Secretary: Mrs. Hancock is in a meeting right now. Can I take your name?

Porter: Yes, my name is Porter.

Secretary: And your number?

Porter: My lunch number or my library number?

Secretary: Ummm..... your phone number so she can call you when she is done.

At this point in the conversation, Porter just went bright red and started giggling so hard that he could hardly give the secretary his phone number and say goodbye.

I'm just glad he can laugh about it. I keep telling him that he will have plenty more embarrassing moments like that if he is related to me :)


Tiniel said...

LOL Natalie and Porter this is too much fun. Glad you could laugh, tell Porter someday I'll tell him some of my embarassing stories. See ya Thurs for girls day. T

Tiniel said...

p.s. Nat and Porter we watch "The worst video every made" all the time. It makes us so very happy! How do you post videos? It won't work for me? xxoo

STOwens said...

I love your story! You know what I used to do all the time....before cell phones! I would call someone at home and ask where they were, or I would call and forget who I was calling and panic until they talked enough I could figure out who it was. Tell Porter he is cute!

Nicole Williams said...

That is to cute! It sounds like something I would do. I really enjoy reading your blog. It is very uplifting.

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