Sunday, September 28, 2008


Bill and I have decided something.

We don't ever want to leave our church callings at the University. Bill has said for some time now that it should be illegal for a church calling to be this much fun.

It's true.

The people that we have had the privilege of working with and growing to love are absolutely amazing. They inspire me. They inspire our children. We stay up late at night talking about them. They have full control over our heart strings. We will shed many tears when it is time to leave them.

One thing is for sure. When it is time to leave, we will take with us MANY lifelong friends.

Friends who have shared the last three years of our life:


Jeanna said...

Hey Natalie,

Your blog is so fun. I love being able to see your cute kids and all the fun you have.

What are your callings? It looks like you party all the time. :-)


PS. I have a blog too- check it out

Ginger said...

So fun to see the ward. I miss it. I love that ward, many goooood people and good memories. Thank you for sharing the pix.

Gillaire said...

Wow...I sure do miss the ward...Tell Bishop Bickley and Brother Snow hello for me!
You guys were always so sweet and wonderful to me and I appreciate your sharing your lives with us!

I have a blog if you wanna see it...