Monday, February 08, 2010


Ron the PT ended up letting us have a break over the weekend from the hydotherapy treatments.  But we had to be in first thing this morning to see him before we went to see Dr. Maloff the plastic surgeon at 9:15.  It was a busy morning.

Let me just begin by saying that prayer and fasting and priesthood blessings really work.

Evelyn's hand looked pretty amazing today after the long weekend.  There have been some big improvements made.

Dr. Maloff  was so impressed with how the debridement was going (thanks Ron!).  And he couldn't believe how much better it looked from one week ago.  He didn't even mention the words 'skin graft' during the whole appointment today.  Yay!

For the next week and a half, Dr. Maloff is having us continue to visit Ron for debridement, BUT she only needs to go in every other day.  We will visit Dr. Maloff  again a week from this Wednesday for further evaluation.

Until then, Evelyn is doing well.  We have learned a trick.  We put a peanut butter M&M in her mouth if she doesn't cry while her hand is in the whirlpool.  This is helping a lot.  Once the hand is out of the water, then Ron works on it with wet swabs, tweezers and scissors.  This is where I have to hold her hand really, really still.  She doesn't like it one bit, but she cooperates.   I have been so amazed at how brave she has been and how she always says "thank you, Ron" when he is done.

We have felt of your prayers and we thank you.  This act alone has strengthened us.  We have also felt of our Heavenly Father's love for us.  He is so mindful of each one of us.  And for this I am so grateful.


Mrs. Olsen said...

SHe even says Thank you! That is a good kid you've trained up. Priesthood, prayer, and fasting are always the best medicine.

'T' said...

What wonderful news. Thank you for the update. We fasted and prayed for Evie yesterday and felt the power of that fast. I truly believe in it, I've seen it work. I'm so glad that my niece is improving! Thank goodness for MnM's xoxox

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Yay!What great news! I was thinking about you all morning, wondering what the plastic surgeon had planned. I am glad she only has to go in every other day, at least she will have a break in between. We love you guys! It was good to see you this weekend. And Dave Ramsey Rocks....through 3 cds, now onto the debt lessons. THanks Nat!

The Teeples Times said...

We have been thinking of you guys and praying for her. I can't believe how brave she is!! Also, that she says thank you?? WOW!! I will pray for continued healing. Glad your appt. went well today. What a sweetheart she is!!!

LGH said...

Natlie, this was sooooo great to read. What a marvelous, strong little girl. And, I like you, know of the power of prayer and fasting. So glad that things are improving.

Nicole Williams said...

I am so glad to hear that things are looking up. You guys are such amazing people. You deserve many blessings!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Evie! We are so happy!