Friday, January 22, 2010

A brother's influence

My little brother Bracken is on a mission in Ecuador for our church right now.  He's one of my heroes ... man, I love and miss that kid.

He is without a doubt one of Porter's heroes.  Porter talks about him, without fail everyday.  He acts like Bracken and talks like Bracken - they have the same sense of humor.  They even look alike - blonde hair, great smiles, handsome.

On Porter's birthday last July, Bracken sent Porter a challenge.  He wrote:  "Keep reading the Book of Mormon.  I bet you can't finish it before I get back."  

Porter decided to stick this quote on the wall right above his light switch where he can see it everyday.

Well, my brother comes home this August.

Porter finished the Book of Mormon a few days ago.

And... starting it over again.  Porter told me this week, "Mom, I'm going to show Uncle Bracken.  I'm going to read it twice."

After only a couple days, he's through first Nephi.

I've often wondered how much Porter is getting out of his personal scripture study, especially where he is reading through it quite quickly.  Is he thinking about the things he is reading?  Is he comprehending?  Is he allowing the Holy Ghost to teach?

He fell asleep last night reading.  His light was still on when I went back to his room to make sure he was tucked in.  I found his Book of Mormon with an orange marking pencil holding his spot like a bookmark.  I was curious to see where he was at, so I opened it.  Page sixty- one.  He was in 2 Nephi, chapter 2.

And this is what I found:

Thanks, Brack for inspiring your nephew (and sister).

This book changes lives.

It's changing the life of my son.


Chef Messy said...

That's amazing. You've got a good kid. And he DOES look just like his uncle!

LGH said...

Natalie, this post gave me goosebumps and brought a lump to my throat. Absolutely marvelous and inspiring on so many levels. Thank you for sharing this incredible and beautiful post.

'T' said...

so impressed.

Dede said...

Yippee!!! That is wonderful!! I'll ask him about the Bk of M on Sunday!!

Amanda Sue said...

Wow!! I wish that I was that good - let alone my kids =- thank you for sharing!!

Nicole Williams said...

What a good kid! I can't believe he is so grown up.

Christine Watson said...

This is beautiful.Thanks for sharing. I remeber my son Steven Jr when he went on his mission to Germany. He wrote every week.
When we talked on the phone, we would put it on speaker phone & tape them. He really enjoyed his mission. Your family looks so happy & content. It's great that
your brother has a wonderful influence on your son.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

You need to tell Bracken about this! That is awesome Nat, and it made me have watery eyes. Love that Brack and that Porter.

MegJill said...

How is it that a young boy can inspire a (somewhat) grown-up girl? What an amazing little guy Porter is! To understand the scriptures at such a young age is a miracle in itself. I still have trouble! Your brother did a great thing by challenging him. I hope he reaches his goal!

Mrs. Olsen said...


Mrs. Olsen said...

Hey...I just looked at your sidebar to your "guy" Bill. He wasn't in my grade but I swear I went to high school with him. Is he from Rexburg?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your blog, Nat. We read your post and Porter's scripture for FHE last night. Then Josh said, "I'm going to read my scriptures instead of Harry Potter tonight." And he LOVES HP!

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I am also a member of the church and love to blog and go through the blogs and see different things. When I saw that you were a member of the church it cuaght my attention and started to look through your blog when I came across this post. It really touched me. I'm not that great at reading my scriptures, but your son has inspired to me read mine more often. I'm in my teenage years and often procrastinate, but if your little boy can do it I think can too. Make sure to let him know that he has been a missionary to me and I'm sure for many others by this influence. Thank you so much.
-Fellow LDS Member