Saturday, December 26, 2009

It wasn't quite what we expected,

but nonetheless, Christmas was good.

My maternal grandmother passed away in the middle of the night a couple of days before Christmas.  But it was a blessing because she was able to leave behind an extremely frail, decrepit body and mind and have a joyous, sweet reunion with my grandpa.

On the 23rd, my washing machine died the great death, and because of the holiday, a repair man won't be able to fix it until Monday.  Thank the good heavens above for Bill being able to get all of the laundry done except for one load and for Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and having $1000 emergency fund.

We woke Christmas morning to a vomiting two year old.  Throw-up all over the place ... and a broken washing machine.  Nice.  Thank the good heavens above for a very loving and understanding mother who came by on Christmas to collect the soiled sheets, blankets, pajamas, pillow cases and stuffed animals to take to her home and be washed and folded and returned by her and my dad the next morning.  Mothers are a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Later, on Christmas night I suffered a miscarriage.  It was something I had a hunch might happen - my doctor said it might.  And it did.  Thank the good heavens above for a loving husband who fought it out with me, and for his big hand to squeeze tight, and ibuprofen, and a hot, hot bath, and a hot rice heating bag, and cold ginger ale.  We did it together.  And I'm okay.  I was blessed with strength and perspective and a family and parents who have taken care of me.  It was a miracle that I was even pregnant.  And that, in and of itself, brings us hope.

Even through all of this, Christmas was good.  We were surrounded by family and friends through much of it.  We ate lots of good food.  We had a family Christmas party at my brothers new house.  I turned a year older on Christmas Eve.  We fed two friends on Christmas who didn't have family to be with.   And my husband turned a year older today.

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas:

  Eli and Evelyn.  Cousins.  Best buds.  Miracle babies.

Family nativity.  Does your family nativity have a Christmas elf?  Ours does.

Porter and Kennedy playing Mary and Joseph in our church's primary nativity story.

Awesome,  face-pullin' sis...

... and her adorable daughter.

My dad.  I love him.  Bill pushed the button on the camera just as my dad's mouth was coming out of his 'fish lips' pose.  

My joys.  Porter and Evelyn.  Santa brought Porter some tools and Super Mario Bros Wii.   Santa brought Evelyn a baby doll that she named 'Pancake'.

Christmas is always good.


Dana Williams said...

Bless you dear woman. I am so sorry for your losses, but also amazed at your faith and positive outlook.

'T' said...

Oh Nat, my heart is aching. Do you know how powerful your faith is?-- thanks for sharing. sniff-

Nicole Williams said...

You are such a strength to us all. You have so much patience and faith. I am so sorry for your loss. I am also sorry your washing machine broke and you had a sick baby on Christmas. We love you! We hope things are looking up.
Heston & Nicole

LGH said...

Natlie, does Bill know what an absolute TREASURE he has in you?

This post was so inspiring on so many levels...your undying faith and perspective, the beautiful pictures of your family, and the conclusion even with your challenges you recognize the beauty of the season.

Thank you, dear Natalie.

And, I hope your washing machine gets fixed very, very soon.

MegJill said...

What a beautiful and touching Christmas post! I bet you will never forget this Christmas, for the good and not so good. You have amazing perspective even in adversity and it inspires me!
Porter continually amazes me. Without even knowing him I can see on his face how much wisdom and knowledge he has and how much he loves his sister. I can also see what kind of a man he is becoming. Too bad my daughter is only 4 or I'd be hooking them up in a few years!
I hope your washing machine is fixed and you are getting to have some rest. If we still lived in Pocatello I'd be finding out where you are so we could bring you some love! (Our love usually comes in the form of hot bread, toffee from Cali's recipe or other comfort food.)

Jeanna said...

Your faith astounds me.
Hope things get better soon.

The Lane Family said...

Thanks for Sharing Natalie all of the challenges this holiday season brought you but at the same time the positive things that came from it as well!!

I understand the miscarriage situation and also the hope that comes when you are told over and over you can not get pregnant and then you do. Even though you lose it at least you got pregnant. Been there one to many times myself.

One thing I wanted to share with you is something that My Uncle shared with me. He has been the temple president down in the mormon colonies in Mexico for about 5 years. He had attended a meeting with all of the temple presidents for North and South America. They were given an oppurtunity to ask questions of the 12 and member of the first presidency that were in attendance. One of the question's was about miscarriages and loss of children before they had taken a mortal breath.

I believe it was Brother Oak's who said, he believe's we may be surprised when we reach the other side how many children we will raise during the millienium. It gives me hope and also our family a goal to work towards.

You have some beautiful children in your life...may the New Year bring you many more blessings!!

The Teeples Times said...

I cried as I read you post, and cry as I type this. I cry because my heart aches for your loss, and I cry because I so very much admire your faith and optimism!! I know the Lord is with you at this time. I've had a miscarriage and they are very hard! Thank goodness we have a Savior who knows and understands all of our sorrow and comforts us! We love you guys and our prayers will be with you!
On a happier note, I made 8 sock monsters and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them (check out the blog). Thanks so much for sharing!

kristina said...

What a sweet post. I too am sorry for your loss. You are such an example of faith and hope.
Shane enjoyed seeing everyone at the funeral. I wished I could have come also. It sounded like a wonderful, special day.

jen said...

Everyone else has summed it up so beautifully in their comments. You are such a beautiful person. Thanks for giving us all a beautiful reminder of perspective!

goatstew said...

You've always been an inspiration to me, as long as I've known you. You're amazing, and I love your little family. I aspire to be more like you as a mother and wife and in all the arenas of my life. You're amazing. I still want to come over and have you teach me to make pie some day, ha ha ha. Thank you for helping me remember the strength and spirit that Christmas should reinforce in our lives. And, thanks for sharing your testimony through how you live. Your kids are proof of how great you are. And I LOVE that Evelyn named her doll, "Pancake." That is adorable.

Cally Carlson said...

You really are wonderful and such an example to me. I miss having your spirit and comments in our ward. I'm glad I still get that through your blog, even though I don't see you often.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Wow. You're tough as nails. I would still be in bed taking a nap if that was my Christmas.

Sorry for your loss. I hope 2010 makes up for any disappointments you experienced.