Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A full heart, and thankful tonight

for two vehicles that run

for a home that is my family's refuge from the world
and warm beds to crawl into at night

for legs that allow me to walk and run

for two children I wake up each day for
and a husband who kisses me and tells me I'm beautiful

for scriptures and prayer and revelation

for a living prophet on the earth
and to be a Latter-Day Saint

for hot, homemade whole wheat bread
with honey butter

for freshly-powdered toddler bottoms

for shelves full of vibrantly colored mason jars holding the seasons harvest
and a mother who patiently teaches me these things

for a neighbor who rolls my garbage cart back to my house
when I havn't quite gotten to it yet

for my ancestors who have gone before me, who I feel
strengthening me and pushing me forward, cheering me on

for a trial that has humbled me
to my knees

and for my Savior, who knows me, my heartache, my shortcomings, my strengths
and who gently lets me know

of His love

and for a knowledge that HE will come again - I know this

these are the things I am thankful for



Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Counting your blessings, is a common phrase, but put into action...a very humbling act.
Thanks. :)

'T' said...

thanks nat, thankful for you.

LGH said...

Absolutely beautiful, Natalie. A great reminder to all of us of what marvelous blessings we have.

The Lane Family said...

What a wonderful blog and a good reminder of all we have!!

Nicole Williams said...

Thank you for sharing that, and for reminding us all of our many blessings.

Ginger said...

Thank you. You are amazing.

The Teeples Times said...

What a wonderful blog! YOu are an example and inspiration to me!!

MegJill said...

Your blog is inspiring!
I've gone private, so let me know if you'd like a blog invite! E-mail me at