Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few favorite moments

From our family's last hurrah this summer to Island Park and Yellowstone National Park:

The 30+ year old tent trailer of Bill's childhood that he inherited this year. Many hours of elbow grease have been put into restoring it in time for our many camping adventures this summer. And I must say, well worth it...already countless memories made.

Pool at Biscuit Basin.
(Bill and Porter watched a young man jump the fence, walk out onto the fragile crust and stick his finger in the water to see just how hot it was.)

Makeshift sulfur mask.

GREAT socks.



relaxed and contemplative.

5 bear sightings on one of the days we were there....this is one of 3 that we were able to see.

Going for a canoe ride ... in the back of the pickup.

Mud bath.

This masculine beast was the perfect photo-op.

Got to spend one of our days in Yellowstone with my parents. Here we are visiting the fantastic visitor's center/museum at Canyon Village that we love to go to - highly recommended.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

My mom and dad.
The best parents (and chauffeurs) one could ever ask for.

Watching his dad take a picture of the grizzly bear. (I'm thinking he looks rather mysterious and handsome in this picture :) --notice the many survival bracelets he's sportin'...he learned to make them at Scout camp and has made a bajillion of them. Grandma is even wearing hers, but I didn't get a picture.

BUT, there was one little critter out and about that the tourists photographed as much as

the bison,

the geysers,

the bears,

the elk,

and the waterfalls:

She even grabbed the attention of some black-leather clad, weather worn bikers and managed to melt them into a puddle of mush.


Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Miss E. is too cute for her own good! And I absolutely LOVE the pic of the masculine buff! Beautiful colors

'T' said...

beautiful pix and memories.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Nat you got some great pictures, you should enter them in the fair!!! I love that Evie loves to wear that hat, it is seriously the cutest! Miss you guys!

LGH said...

Natalie, I really love your writing style; simple, yet you say so much. I loved your lead-in to your daughter's adorable picture.

And, the pictures are delightful.

You've a gift; great photographer, and great writer.

The Teeples Times said...

I love, love, love your new floors - WOw! They are beautiful! Looks like your trip was so much fun. I love your little critter with the cowboy hat and all. The camper looks like so much fun! Such fun memories you guys will have with it! The buffalo pics are amazing, and I have to agree that Porter looks very handsome and mysterious looking out the window.+