Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wig Out!

A new favorite family game.

I'm not much of a boardgame or deck of cards player.  Never really have been.


Porter recently purchased this card game with some of his allowance money and we have been playing it several times a week since he has gotten it.

The characters in the cards are easy to fall in love with, A game only takes minutes, It is exciting and fast paced, A fantastic Sunday afternoon activity, and it gives me some one-on-one time with Porter to laugh and have a little friendly competition- we play best out of 5.   (Evelyn loves it too- she is very stealthy at taking the cards that have been played...her favorite is Stevie!)

Our cards are already showing a little wear and tear- we tend to get a little feisty.

But I definitely give Wig Out! a two thumbs up!


'T' said...

I love a good card game, especially on a Sunday with my Andrea. Sounds like a must own... those characters look incredible (Napoleon voice)-

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Okay, you have to bring that to Utah, I want in on the fun!!! Shawn and I are both card game addicts, we love them!

Katie M. said...

Where did Porter score that sweet game. It looks like we need to own a copy!

Lindsay said...

I'm actually on the prowl for games right now! That looks so fun! Let me know if any ofyou run into the game "CURSES" but more importantly if you see the game "Boxers of Briefs" anywhere!

The Teeples Times said...

I think you've got me sold!! I am going to look for it. I am always on the lookout for a good game to play with Dallin to give him one-on-one time too. Thanks for the tip!

LGH said...

Love the tip; sounds fun to play with grandkids.