Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love Affair

My husband loves cast iron.

In fact, he used quite an unusual method in college to determine how much he would spend on a date with a girl.

And it all had to do with... a dutch oven.

Bill enjoyed dating and he was a very creative dater, often coming up with very clever, fun dates on a dime.

But, Bill really had to like a girl if he was going to pull out his pocketbook for a date. He knew that a good dutch oven was about $35. And he frequently used this price to compare with the possible price of a date. If he liked a particular girl and was interested in pursuing things with her, then he wouldn't hesitate spending some money on a date. If not, well....then....let's just say, he would rather spend his money- on a dutch oven!

When we met and after getting to know each other, to my delight, I quickly passed his dutch oven test. (Thank goodness :). And after we were married, for one of our first Valentine's he bought me some cast iron cookware... because, and I quote, "Nothing spells L-O-V-E like cast iron!"

I must admit, it took me a few years to get the hang of cooking with cast iron. I really didn't enjoy it at first- - too heavy for my weak arms, drying and oiling them so they wouldn't rust, a pain in the neck to clean ("you mean I really can't use soap on these things?!?")

But as the months and years passed, and my pans became shiny, black, beautifully seasoned and nonstick - my heart softened and my admiration (for both my pans and my husband) increased.

Bill very recently showed his love for me by presenting me with his mother's cast iron skillets. And these pans are simply amazing- 30+ years of love, seasoned into each one.

I use cast iron every day. I love it. It is my pan of choice. It is a love affair.

And for this Valentines Day I am hoping to get this:

A reversible cast iron grill...

...because nothing spells L-O-V-E like cast iron!


'T' said...

um, will you cook for me with cast iron? i'll love you forever -oh wait already do-

STOwens said...

I only wish I knew how to cook with cast iron!!!! I should look into classes so I can figure it out. Do you have any openings in June to teach a few classes...hehehe?

Nicole Williams said...

That is really cute! You guys are an awesome couple.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

I got a cast iron frying pan for our wedding, and I had no idea about how to use one....put it through the dishwasher, rusted to a nice golden brown! I only used it once, and had to throw it away. I don't think I would have passed Bills cast iron test, HA!

Katie M. said...

I want one of those grills. I love it when the pioneer woman cooks with them. Hopefully you will get it and you can let me know how it works!

LGH said...

What a delightfully fun essay. I really enjoyed reading this. But, I do have one question - do you use cast iron every day? In what way do you use it on a daily basis...I'm very curious about that statement. Anyway, looks like Bill will be one happy guy on Valentine's Day! Loni