Tuesday, December 16, 2008


During Sharing time.....

Teacher: Can anyone tell me what they know about Nauvoo?

Porter: Yea. It's the town that Joseph Smith was the mayor of.

Little boy in the class: Don't you call Joseph Smith a HORSE!!

Teacher and Porter and rest of class: HUH??

Little boy: A mare (mayor) is a horse! Joseph Smith was a prophet, not a horse!

During primary class.....

Teacher: Have any of you started saving for a mission yet?

Porter: Yes, I've already started! I even have a disc in the bank.

Teacher: (confused) A disc? Oh, you mean a CD in the bank?

Porter: Yea. I have a compact disc in the bank.

In the car after I picked him up from a field trip to see the Nutcracker Ballet.....

Mom: Hi Porter, How was the ballet?

Porter: (pausing, thinking) Fine.

Mom: Oh? Did they do a good job?

Porter: Yea. I guess. But Mom?

Mom: What?

Porter: (cautious with his choice of words) I think the guys should really wear pants under their ballet tights so their private parts don't show so much.....IT WAS DISGUSTING!!!!!

: )


Kristina said...

Those are so funny! You will love that you wrote them down for later! And tell Porter I agree, I wish they would wear pants too!! :)

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Ha! Love that kiddo, I can just picture him saying these things!

Tiniel said...

amen porter amen.

Nicole Williams said...

Too funny! He is so cute!