Friday, January 02, 2009


The New, University 19th Singles Ward POG Grand Champion!

Porter entered the POG tournament a couple of weeks ago and ended up winning the whole sha-bang...pretty impressive given that he, Bill, nor I had ever heard of POGS before.

Apparently, POGS are little cardboard discs, popular in the mid 90's, and used in a game similar to a marbles game:

Here he is in action:

He was pretty excited because the prize was a game of TWISTER and a hand-carved rock trophy:

He took the trophy to show his 5th grade class the next day.

Way to show up the College kids Porter!!


Katie M. said...

I always new Porter had some hidden talents that hadn't shown up yet. We are so excited to be related to you Porter, you are the coolest!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Go Porter! You ROCK!!! just like your rock trophy!

Shelby said...

Great job Porter!! You are beyond cute and so grown up. I can't wait for you to help Jaxon with all these fun boy things. I am so glad both Jax and Tav have you to look up. You are such a great big cousin. Love you guys

Tiniel said...

awesome Porter!