Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're Nerds...

...COSTCO nerds that is.

And so is the entire city that I live in.

My sister Katie called tonight from COSTCO. (They aren't supposed to have their grand opening until in the morning.) But she and her family were at COSTCO for the "Night Before Open House". She said we needed to get over there because there was all sorts of free food.

We told her we had dinner in the oven and that we would head as soon as we ate. She then told us to put dinner in the fridge and get over to COSTCO right now because there was so much food that we could literally have dinner at COSTCO.

So we did just that. We put our freshly baked lasagne in the fridge to eat tomorrow, and we all got in the car and headed for COSTCO. When we got to the intersection, there were so many cars trying to get into the parking lot that it caused a traffic jam out in the intersection. We were tempted to turn around and go back home. But curiosity got the best of us and we proceeded to find a parking spot at a cell phone store nearby.

There were so many people. I had never seen anything quite like it in my life. The whole city was there. And there was SO MUCH FOOD. Food was everywhere. Eggrolls. Fish. Chicken. Beef. Rolls. Potstickers. Sushi. Hotdogs. Pizza. Jerky. Pie. Cake. Cheesecake. Coffee. Soda. Bottled water. Frozen yogurt. Smoothies. Chips and salsa and guacamole. Cheese and crackers. Nuts. and more.

We ate until we hurt. We ate some more. We ran into so many people we knew. We happily walked through crowded isles and looked at everything like children in a candy store, pointing, touching, ooohing and ahhhing.

I think we all looked rather silly.

Only a COSTCO could do that to people.


Booford said...

I found your blog!! I'm so excited. WE can be internet buddies now! I'm sorry to hear about Brother Stanton's mom. You guys will be in my prayers

Gillaire said...

boy they finally got a costco there! BUMMER!!!! after I moved how tacky is that :) Glad you had fun!!
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