Saturday, October 18, 2008


Exactly one week ago tonight, we got a phone call letting us know that my husband's mother, my sweet mother-in-law had been killed in a tragic accident in Rexburg. This post I am writing for her.

My mother-in-law Deloris was one of the most Christ-like people I knew. I called her Mom. This past Christmas, she gave each of the daughter's and daughter's in law a necklace with a pendant of an actual widow's mite mounted in silver (made by my sister-in-law Christine). She was buried in her widow's mite necklace. This was very symbolic to the family. One, because she was a widow herself and two, just like the widow in the story in the Bible, Deloris gave all that she had.

Deloris loved her family and the Gospel more than anything else. She served everyone around her, often putting her needs last. The outpouring of love displayed to us this past week by neighbors, members of the community, and family was overwhelming and a tribute to her from the many, many people that knew and loved her.

Here are some memories from this past week.

When we woke up in Rexburg the Monday following her death (Columbus Day) we looked out the front window and saw her lawn lined in American flags:

The day of the funeral was perfect. The funeral services were beautiful. Andy and Brian wrote and gave the life sketch. Christine and her 10 year old daughter Karen read "The 70 things we love about Grandma" (a list of things we gave her on her 70th birthday). Catherine played a beautiful arrangement on a folk harp. My husband Bill gave a talk referencing the story A Christmas Carol and also talked about the story of the widow's mite and Jesus Christ's life of service. The funeral program cover had a picture of the Rexburg temple that Bill had taken. Porter and his boy cousins were pall bearers and honorary pall bearers.

She was buried in a beautiful hardwood casket that was identical to her husband Brian's:

Looking on.

Son and grandson.

My sweet husband's eyes tell it all.

Bill with Aunt Pat and Uncle Hal (Two of Deloris' siblings).

The back of Brian's and Deloris' headstone.

Little Evelyn asleep in the arms of Aunt Ginny at the family luncheon.

Evelyn and I relaxing after the funeral and luncheoun back at the house.

A white rose from a huge bouquet sent to the family from BYU I.

I know that even through all the tears, stress, emotion, lack of sleep, etc., we all came away knowing one thing for sure: that families are bound together for eternity through sacred temple covenants. Last night, after we put Evelyn down for the night, Bill took me on a walk around the Rexburg temple. We didn't even have to step foot inside to feel the overwhelming reassurance of where Brian and Deloris are.


Tiniel said...

Tears flowing. Thank you for this blog post, I haven't stopped for one second thinking about you, Bill, Porter, Evie and Bill's family. I look at this last picture of the five Stanton siblings and think "look at the stregth in numbers, this group is so strong!", -and I LOVE that Kathy is wearing white!- Nat we love your and Bill so much and you are in our constant praryers.

Katie M. said...

Okay Nat, where is the box on Kleenex. What a wonderful second mother you had. We love you guys so much and pray for you daily. I love Evelyn's dress, it takes me back a few years. Love ya tons!!!

Dana Williams said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I love knowing that families are forever.

Nicole Williams said...

We are so sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like she was a great woman who will be remembered by many people. Our prayers are with you guys. Just remember what wonderful people you are yourselves. You are a great example to our family.

Heston, Nicole, and Areyan

Kristina said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. What a beautiful post. Bill's mom sounds like a wonderful person.
-Shane & Kristina

Gillaire said...

OH how sad it is to hear of someone going through this type of loss.
My heart aches with empathy, knowing what it's like to loose a parent so quickly.
Three years ago, within 5 days I put my dad in the hospital, find out he's only got a short time to live to getting a phone call telling us that he's passed away.
I feel Bro Porters heartache and loss. Just know that I care and hope that you feel all the love that is coming your way right now at your time of need.

Garett said...

I am sorry to hear about your Mother's passing. We will be thinking of you and keeping your family in our prayers.
Love Always,
Garett, Larissa and Braiden