Saturday, October 04, 2008

"7 Random (or wierd) Things About Me" Tag...

...from cousin Sarah.

Random thing #1: I LOVE avocados. In guacamole. On a sandwich. Plain, with a little salt and pepper and lemon. I even get an avocado in the toe of my stocking :) I have since I was a little girl.

Random thing #2: I DO NOT like pork and beans. BLLLECK! Do not make me smell them. I just might throw up.

Random thing #3: I love my Chaco sandals. I have been wearing the same pair for 5 and a half years. I even wear them in the winter with wool socks. My chacos make me happy.

Random thing #4: I often leave just one little bite on my dinner plate. Don't ask me why. I don't know. My dad does it too. Wierd.

Random thing #5: Benjamen is my favorite brother on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. He made my heart go pitter-patter in Jr. High and High School. Dorcas made Bill's heart go pitter-patter :) We were meant for each other, just like Benjamen and Dorcas.

Random thing #6: I am an internet news junkie. We havn't had t.v. for a really long time, so I have had to rely on the internet to get all of my news. I check it often. My favorite: Fox News.

Random thing #7: I always have to be touching Bill's toes with my toes to be able to fall asleep. I really can't cuddle to fall asleep...I get claustrophobic. But having my foot against his is a must. Bill falls asleep the second his head touches the pillow. I take much, much longer. But it makes my dreams much sweeter when we are sleeping toe to toe.


STOwens said...

I am the same way with Travis....I am not good at cuddling, which I didn't start that way but I too have become claustrophobic. We don't touch toe to toe...we hold hands or make sure our hands touch at least.
You have a cute little diaper head up there!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Get out of TOWN! I thought I was the only one who left ONE BITE! ANd come to find out that you and dad do it too! WEIRD! Josh is always looking forward to snack on my last leftover bite.