Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summer, Part Two

Diamond Creek (also known as Porter's vacation of vacations)

It is tradition for our family to attend the Richard and Ruth Owens Reunion at Diamond Creek every summer. We try and always make sure that we can be there because this truly is the highlight of Porter's summer.

Diamond Creek is a HEAVEN for kids:

We are always pleased to watch the annual talent/skit program, organized beautifully by my cousin Amber. Fantastic entertainment is always enjoyed:

Diamond Creek isn't Diamond Creek without a nap:

We had a particularly special time this year as we were able to plant some trees in memory of my Grandpa and my cousin Eric who have passed on. Many memories with both of them have been made here.

Some of my favorite shots:

I'm still kicking myself for not getting a shot of my Aunt Debbie with her ingenius, yet beautiful mosquito headpiece! Next year, Aunt Deb.

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STOwens said...

I do have a shot of Aunt Deb's mosquito headgear....if you want I can E-mail it to you. Maybe I will put it on the family website.